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Try these SEO tasks to improve SEO 10X times better

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Improve your SEO results by Best Digital Marketing Agency

SEO tasks will definitely help to improve your SEO 10X times

1. Focus on the 80/20 rule: 20 % of your SEO efforts will yield 80% of SEO results.

2. Publish more content on the website that will help rank results faster and better.

3. Spend the most time optimizing “power factors” (SEO title, SEO headings, content introduction, usage of the keywords in topics, and entities).

4. The secret of ranking your website on Google is hiding in plain sight; analyze the results and reverse engineer what works.

5. Writing content on comprehensive topics cover your niche to build topic authority and reduce time-to-rank (TTR) the webpage, i.e., the probability of ranking your new pages will be qiucker and faster.

6. Matching the content intent for the webpage type also formatting will help to better results.

7. Create individual webpages to target intent on a particular topic, i.e., blog posts for informational content and landing pages for transactional; this SEO strategy will ensure to capture the users at all touchpoints.

8. Preparing more content will help to get more backlinks in most of cases.

9. Start the content preparation at the bottom of the funnel (which is more focused and conversational with less traffic), then slowly move up the funnel (with less conversion and focus and more traffic).

10. Publishing content is 70% of the work, and the other 30% optimizing the webpage over time to achieve the best results.

11. Group web pages (such as blogs, news, and case studies) into logical topic clusters and build internal links between the relevant pages.

12. If you have existing web pages, focus on your quick results (keywords in positions 5-25) before updating new content.

13. One of the best sources of ideating conversion-focused topics comes from your customers, which will help to understand pain points.

14. Google doesn’t care when you publish the content; don’t sit on content; get it in the index as quickly as possible and let the search engine do its things.

15. Working on link building is overrated nowadays and a waste of time for many websites; focus instead on brand building and earning links.


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November 16, 2022

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