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Learn how to improve SEO rankings in 2023 ?

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Improve SEO rankings

Here are the tips to increase organic search traffic in 2023

Re-audit your website – pull all of your site search console data through the search console API

Run a click gap analysis using the last three months YoY to rule out seasonality – segregate in a G Sheet – ignore anything that gained, look at pages that lost, then segment those pages that lost into large, fair, and small losers, then sort by impression and use conditional formatting to highlight CTR

Set your click gap aside and then build a list of DEAD URLS (zero clicks low impression) and prepare to cull, get rid of internal links to the dead URLs, HTTP 410 anything with no external links, 301 anything with links to the nearest most relevant page.

Filter all zero click pages that are high impression – typically, the strong impression would be at least 0.1-0.5% of the TOTAL impression share of the domain for higher impression domains – you need to determine by proportionality – i.e., 2000 impressions onwards. These pages will be your opportunity pages.

In the search console, clear out crawled currently not indexed, discovered currently not indexed, review AUXILIARY URLs that you can block in robots.txt, control parameters via robots.txt, get rid of index fat/bloat – streamline your index to ONLY have crawlable URLs of value.

Conduct a cannibalization audit to identify all content opportunities for consolidation and additional culls – look at page consolidation for pages of a similar nature even if the content varies- look for aligned query sharing and merge pages. Factor any cannibalizing pages into your content audit.

Prepare your content strategy from your click gap – identify pages that lost queries – establish AGE, take lead query by click/impression, run through AHRFS position explorer and look to see has the SERP shifted, revamp content using INLINKS / SURFER; during this phase, also consider if your LOST CLICK pages were impeded by other content – if so (cannibalization cross check) – then consolidate.

Review your internal linking strategy – pick 10-20 of your most extensive losers pages – add more internal links to those pages from pages that gained where there is topical relevance/value. Add more links, and evaluate.

Review SEARCH APPEARANCE data in the search console, look for lost clicks or missing opportunities – add videos into pages, FAQ snippets – use Alsoasked to find questions people are asking, incorporate these into your pages, and tag with SCHEMA.

Take advantage of Google discover – create articles and tag up with available SCHEMA/author/bio/article SCHEMA – write content and DO NOT use clickbait headlines (these will keep you out of discover) – write punchy, engaging content, incorporate short-form content, videos, media – consider using Google Web Stories.

Recrawl your website, eliminate all internal 301s and 302s and ensure you have a solid clean crawl.


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